TEAMx Observational Campaign

The main TEAMx Observational Campaign (TOC) will bring together research groups and specialised instrumentation from all over the world. The focus of the campaign is the European Alps, with three target areas in the Inn Valley (Austria), the Adige Valley (Italy) and the alpine foreland (Germany). These target areas have been identified based on the scientific goals of TEAMx, the availability of existing measurement infrastructure and knowledge gained through previous research in these areas.

The campaign will span one complete year and include two Intensive Observation Periods (IOPs), one in summer and one in winter. The campaign is planned to take place in Spring 2024 to Spring 2025. In order to supplement the existing observations and monitoring networks in the study region, a considerable amount of additional instrumentation will be brought in during the campaign. Ground-based in situ, remote sensing and aircraft measurements will provide detailed information about the three-dimensional structure of the mountain boundary layer: a dense network of meteorological and air quality monitoring stations will inform about near-surface conditions (in valleys as well as at crest-top); numerous eddy covariance stations over a range of surface types will provide information about near-surface turbulent exchange processes; and atmospheric profilers (including lidars, ceilometers, microwave radiometers and radars), radiosoundings and aircraft measurements will offer insights into the structure of the mountain boundary layer.