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Latest News, published 18 March 2024

TEAMx Observational Campaign

The TEAMx Observational Campaign (TOC) will start on 1 September with observations from long-term measurement platforms in the target areas and additional remote-sensing instrumentation. Intensive measurements will be conducted during the winter (20 January – 28 February) and summer (16 June – 25 July) Extensive Observation Periods (EOPs) in 2025. More information about the TOC is available on the TEAMx website, with further details being added over the next couple of weeks.

Programme Coordination Office

Stephanie Westerhuis, who has worked as the Programme Coordinator since 2022, is moving on to new professional challenges. We thank Stephanie for her work and wish her all the best for the future. Since February 2024, Manuela Lehner is the new Programme Coordinator and she is supported by Doris Fischer. The Programme Coordination Office can be reached under the new email address

Online Community Event

On 19 January, an online community event took place. More than one hundred participants used the opportunity to learn more about recent developments for the TEAMx Observational Campaign, the latest version of the Numerical Modeling Plan, the TEAMx data management strategy, activities happening in the different Working Groups, and new proposals in preparation. A recording of the presentations is available at

4th TEAMx Workshop

The 4th TEAMx Workshop will take place in Innsbruck this fall. It will be a hybrid event and will focus on exchanging information about TOC activities. If you are planning to attend the workshop, please fill out the Survey to help select the most suitable dates.

EMS session on transport and exchange processes over mountains

The Annual Meeting of the European Meteorological Society (EMS) will be held in Barcelona (and online) on 2 – 6 September 2024. A session with a close link to TEAMx invites contributions on „Multi-scale transport and exchange processes in the atmosphere over mountains“. The abstract deadline is 18 April 2024. Further information can be found on the conference website.

NERC call for proposals

The NERC call for TEAMx proposals in the UK will open end of March. UK participants are encouraged to look out for the call on the UKRI funding portal.

Open PostDoc position

There will be an opening (GEO-14152) for a postdoc working on new retrieval algorithms for passive microwave profilers in complex terrain. The position is located in Innsbruck and embedded in the cooperation between the University of Innsbruck and GeoSphere Austria - IWCR–Innsbruck Network for Weather and Climate Research – and tied to the TEAMx Observational Campaign. Please inform your colleagues from within and outside the TEAMx community about this opportunity. The application process starts on 21st of March 2024 – application deadline is 1st May, 2024.

New TEAMx projects

  • Christophe Brun (Université Grenoble Alpes) has received funding from INSU LEFE in France for a two-year project (CoCaInn) to study katabatic jet profiles below the jet maximum. The measurements will focus on a slope site in the Inn Valley Target Area during the winter EOP. First test measurements have already been conducted in February.
  • Petr Šácha (Charles University) has been awarded a grant from GAČR (Czech Republic) for his project Unravelling climate impacts of atmospheric internal gravity waves.
  • Georg Wohlfahrt (University of Innsbruck) has received funding from the Austrian Science Fund FWF to study the Longterm carbon and water balance of a coniferous forest. The measurements will be conducted at the FAIR site in the Inn Valley Target Area.

Latest News, published 06 December 2023

NERC has pubslished a pre-announcement for an upcoming funding opportunity to join TEAMx-UK. TEAMx-UK consists of two pillars: The observational component focuses on the TEAMx Observational Campaign and is managed by the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS). The funding opportunity relates to the second component: Coordinated modelling studies ranging from large-eddy simulations to global models targeting complex terrain.

Latest Newsletter, published 13 November 2023

Backbone for the TEAMx Observational Campaign

The TEAMx Observational Campaign (TOC) will start in autumn 2024. The TOC Backbone consists of instrumentation with confirmed funding that will be deployed in the study region. The current version of the Backbone contains surface-based remote sensing and surface energy balance stations. Additional instrumentation will be added as soon as funding will be officially secured.

If you have good news about your recently granted proposal (that includes instrument deployments relevant for the Backbone), please do not forget to inform the PCO to amend the TOC Backbone accordingly.

Backbone of the TEAMx Observational Campaign (TOC): Atmospheric profilers and eddy covariance stations which will be deployed during the TOC in addition to existing instrumentation. Details subject to change.



Stefano Serafin has been granted an FWF-grant for his project targeting boundary layer parameterisations over mountains: DEmonstrating Parameter estimation with ENsemble-based Data Assimilation for Boundary-Layer modElling over mountains (DEPENDABLE). The grant comprises more than 250’000 Euros and the project will launch early next year.


The Universities of Vienna and Innsbruck, KIT, DWD and MeteoSwiss have submitted a WEAVE-Proposal. The ambitious project aims at providing a high-resolution analysis of the TOC based on ICON model simulations. The resulting gridded dataset covering the TEAMx study region with a sub-kilometre grid will be made publicly available.

New partners

We are happy to announce the partnership with two new institutions:

European Severe Storms Laboratory: The ESSL has signed the Memorandum of Understanding on 21 August.

Agentur für Bevölkerungsschutz, Autonome Provinz Bozen: The AfBS has signed the Memorandum of Understanding on 7 November. They are an important partner for deploying instrumentation in the Alpine Crest Target Area during the TOC.

Upcoming TEAMx online community event

On January 19, 2024, we will hold an online meeting from 2pm – 6pm CET. It will include

  • Information about the TOC: Updated version of the TOC Backbone as well as more details regarding the Implementation Plan.
  • Presentation of the data management strategy.
  • Updates on proposals.
  • Presentation of the 2nd version of the Numerical Modelling Plan which has been updated according to the feedback from the last workshop.
  • Reporting on progress from working groups, task teams, and pre-campaign activities.

Open PostDoc position at UIBK

There is an opening for a postdoc working on new retrieval algorithms for passive microwave profilers in complex terrain. The position is located in Innsbruck and embedded in the cooperation between the University of Innsbruck and Geosphere Austria - IWCR–Innsbruck Network for Weather and Climate Research – and tied to the TEAMx Observational Campaign. Application deadline is 6 December, 2023.

Open PostDoc positions at MeteoSwiss

The model development team at MeteoSwiss is currently offering two 3y PostDoc positions linked to TEAMx. Their idea is that the new hires will exploit and improve the 500 m resolution simulation with the ICON model that will be used for TEAMx and beyond.

We are looking for a new Programme Coordinator

By the end of January, Stephanie Westerhuis will leave TEAMx to pursue a new job back home in Switzerland. The new TEAMx Programme Coordinator will face a very diverse set of tasks and get to see many different aspects of TEAMx. The tasks involve: Administrating daily business related to TEAMx, preparations for meetings with various groups such as the CIG, Task Teams, etc., maintaining the homepage, and planning upcoming workshops. Interested candidates are welcome to reach out directly to Stephanie or Mathias for more details. An official job announcement will be published soon – for the time being we seek an atmospheric (or related) scientist, preferably postdoc, enthusiastic about weather and climate in mountainous areas and eager to shape and coordinate one of the presently major research programs on this topic.

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