Multi-scale transport and exchange processes
in the atmosphere over mountains
– programme and experiment

Mountain exchange
Exchange processes govern the transfer of heat, momentum and mass between the ground, the planetary boundary layer and the free atmosphere. Over mountainous terrain, exchange processes include turbulent mixing, breeze systems, gravity wave propagation, and moist convection.

TEAMx is…

  • …an international research programme that aims at improving our understanding of exchange processes in the atmosphere over mountains and at evaluating how well these are represented in NWP and climate models.
  • …a bottom-up initiative by a number of research institutions and operational centres, supported by a coordination office at the University of Innsbruck and based on national, bi-national and multi-national research projects.
  • …internationally integrated through a Memorandum of Understanding between interested parties.
  • … motivated by recent scientific and technological progresses in observing and modeling small-scale processes in the atmospheric boundary layer More details

The four main scientific goals of TEAMx are:

  • to improve our qualitative and quantitative understanding of transport and exchange processes, both between the surface and the atmosphere and within the atmosphere.
  • to evaluate and improve weather and climate models over mountainous terrain.
  • to provide a unique observational dataset, which can be used to study a broad range of transport and exchange processes in mountainous terrain and their spatio-temporal variability.
  • to reduce errors in impact models by sharing the gained results with weather and climate service providers.


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