How to contribute to TEAMx

Institutional support

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed among the institutions that support TEAMx. Additional institutions that share the common goals of TEAMx, as expressed in §7 of the MoU, are welcome to join the partnership.

§7. The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to bring together organisations which share a common interest in advancing the understanding of the interactions between mountainsand the atmosphere. In particular, the Partners seek to work collectively and with others to enable a new internationally coordinated project focusing on the investigation, experimental assessment and numerical modelling of the exchange of energy, mass, and momentumbetween mountainous terrain and the free atmosphere at all scales and especially their interactions to be achieved on the time scale of 5-8 years. The Memorandum sets out a high-level framework for working together towards this common goal.

The formal procedure to join TEAMx is outlined in the Information for prospective partners.


The provision of basic funding for TEAMx research is expected to come primarily from a bottom-up approach, by which each investigator contributes his/her own resources to the programme. A mechanism of “TEAMx endorsement” through support letters written on behalf of the TEAMx Coordination and Implementation Group is in place. This is intended as a way of strengthening research proposals that fit in the overall scope of the programme, by showing that the PIs have a specific role in and work in close connection with a large research community.

Prospective PIs wishing to request a TEAMx support letter are encouraged to get in touch with the Programme Coordination Office.

The TEAMx Coordination and Implementation Group has made available a summary of funding possibilities in several TEAMx countries (currently: UK, Austria, Germany, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, USA, France).