TEAMx summary documents and plans

  • The Executive Summary gives a concise summary of the TEAMx concept.

  • The White Paper provides a detailed description of the scientific objectives of the TEAMx programme

  • The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) expresses the common interest of the signatories in advancing the understanding of the interactions between mountains and the atmosphere and sets out a high-level framework for working together towards this common goal.

  • The Field Observations Plan describes the plans for the TEAMx Observational Campaign.

  • The Numerical Modeling Plan summarizes the planned TEAMx model activities.

Peer-reviewed publications

  • A journal article in Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society outlines the motivation behind TEAMx. + full reference and link to the paper
  • Scientific challenges related to TEAMx have been summarized in a series of peer-review articles published by Atmosphere in a special issue on Atmospheric Processes over Complex Terrain:


  • Maps: We will, very soon, add the different maps for an easy external usage.

  • Station coordinates and meta-data, scripts,..

We will, very soon, add a few resources to simplify the modifications of the maps.