Recent activities of the Mountain Boundary Layer Working Group


Jun-Dec 2021 update

Due to the large number of WG members and their diverse interests, the WG was split into four smaller teams (T1 numerical modelling of thermally driven winds and transport; T2 numerical modelling of cold-air pools; T3 near-surface observations; T4 free valley-atmosphere observations). Several team meetings (including joint meetings with other WGs) have taken place and there are several activities being discussed or underway, including:

  • a cold-air pool climatology for Innsbruck and Bolzano,

  • a model intercomparison study on cold-air pool evolution in the Inn Valley,

  • a model intercomparison study on thermally-driven winds using CROSSINN data (Inn Valley, 2019) focusing on the effect of model resolution,

  • planning joint MS and PhD topics to further promote collaborations among team members,

  • formation of a new group consisting of members of T2 and members of the Waves and Dynamics WG focusing on the interactions between waves and cold-air pools.