Resources and Projects

Observational resources

Special field observations during the TEAMx intensive observation phase in the European Alps will make use of several dedicated observation platforms.

A document outlining the plan for the TEAMx Observational Campaign is currently in preparation. An overview will be provided here.

TEAMx projects

TEAMx projects, funded research initiatives that have been endorsed by the Programme Coordination Office, constitute and (will continue to constitute) the bulk of the research in the programme. A list of funded TEAMx projects is available here.

There are two types of TEAMx projects:

  • TEAMx core projects (i.e. those focused on the TEAMx study region and highly aligned with TEAMx goals), and
  • TEAMx related projects (i.e. those addressing TEAMx objectives and conducting complementary observations or simulations outside the main study region or main study period).

For the TEAMx core projects, an endorsement letter will provided subject to two conditions: (i) the project is approved by the CIG member from the representative country; and (ii) the data collected will be shared with the TEAMx community. For the TEAMx-related projects, the decision to endorse the project is made by the PCO and it is requested (but not required) that the data are made available to the TEAMx community.

Dedicated information is available for scientists who wish to convey their personal or institutional support for the TEAMx science objectives, or to obtain TEAMx endorsement for their own projects.